For over 20 years Dalton Insurance has been serving clients in North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas as a trusted Independent Insurance Agent. Why choose and Independent Insurance Agent?

By representing multiple health insurers, life insurance companies, and auto & home insurers, we can meet your needs more effectively than a captive Agency who offers only one product brand. We also deliver diverse offerings for business and commercial insurance. Additionally, we will work diligently to ensure your protection by providing you the level of coverage that you need.


Concerned About Privacy?

Dalton Insurance values your business and respects your privacy while using our Web site.

Our Internet Privacy Statement

We understand that your privacy while using the Internet is important to you. It is also important to us. Because there are parts of our site where we ask you to provide us with certain types of personal information, we want you to know how we’ll use it.

Dalton Insurance Agency provides voluntary forms for you to request online estimates and to file a claim. We will use the personal information that you give us to prepare an estimate, issue a policy, or handle a claim. We will not sell that information to any other person or organization, but we may make it part of a reference source for future contact with you by us.