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independent logoWhat would you think if I invited you to meet me at this hip new restaurant I heard about downtown and went on to explain; This place is so cool. They only serve white rice and charge a premium price, but they have a really nice sign out front and you’ve probably seen them on television since they spend so much money on advertising.

You’d probably call me crazy and suggest we go to the big buffet close by and have lots of choices for a lot less money.

So, why in the world would you bundle your insurance with a captive Insurance Agency? Insurance in today’s marketplace has become much more sophisticated than simple brand recognition. You need someone working for you instead of “The Corporation”. Someone who will explore the marketplace on your behalf to see where your best fits happens to be at this particular moment in your life. (HINT) This changes more often than you think. As your circumstances change, often so does the market where you can find the lowest possible premium.

When you choose an Independent Insurance Agent like Dalton Insurance Agency, you get choices. Lots of choices that take you from being at the mercy of that big-name carrier, to having leverage to shop around should your rates change or you experience any other problems. Sometimes a client has no complaints but hopes to find a better rate. When we shop at your renewal, often we can find new savings that weren’t available just 6 months ago. Is your “Brand Insurance” going to shop the competition for you to save you money? Of course not. You need an Independent Insurance Agent. We’d like to be the Agent working for you. Give us a call or come by today!

Dalton Insurance Agency of the Carolinas, LLC
163 Main Street
Rosman, NC 28772


Jake Dalton
Owner, Broker

John Galloway
NC Licensed Agent

Amy Daves

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What is a Personal Umbrella Policy?

UMBRELLAOne of the best investments you can make to protect against catastrophic financial loss is in a Personal Umbrella Policy. But what is a Personal Umbrella Policy & who needs it?.

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Is state minimum enough?

accidents-preventionsHave you ever thought about state minimum liability insurance limits and what they mean to you?

Dalton Insurance Agent, John Galloway recently had a client ask, “how much can I save by lowering the limits on my auto insurance?” John’s answer, “Unless you can guarantee you will not be involved in an accident, at fault or not, you’re gambling at best.”

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Progressive knows Trucks


One of the many companies we represent at Dalton Insurance is Progressive.

One reason we like Progressive is that Progressive knows Trucks! In fact, Progressive is the #1 insurer of heavy trucks in the US. You don’t get to be #1 by not knowing your customers’ needs.

From excellent service in our local office to fast claims service on the open road, if you drive a truck we invite you to let us look at your current policy and see if we can help you with coverage or premiums.



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